My name is Albert Gyorfi


I was born on 18th June 1997,

I started playing the guitar at the age of 13, and I discovered fingerstyle music one year later. I’m a self-taught musician, as well as I am a self-taught audio/video editor. I learned most of the things I know from the internet, Youtube, friends and through hundreds of hours of trials and failures.

On 17th of July 2013, I uploaded my first video on my Youtube channel. For the next few months, I uploaded videos randomly, and only got to take Youtube more seriously in 2015 – and since then I have built a continuously growing fan base.

In November 2014, I became an endorsed artist of Baton Rouge Guitars.

In addition to playing solo / with my band in numerous cities in Romania and Hungary, I also performed in Frankfurt (Germany) at Musikmesse 2016.

In 2016, I graduated school as an Honor Student with a Baccalaureate Degree in Science, and I have continued focusing on building my musical career ever since.

My goal is to be able to make a living of music & Youtube and to inspire people to pursue their dreams!





Content Creation
musical arrangements, video production, graphic design

Social Media Management
content editing, marketing, copywriting

analysis, communication, strategic thinking

Organizational Skills
planning, multitasking, setting and achieving goals

“Beautiful playing dude – Love it!

Stay awesome!”

Youtuber / Fingerstyle Guitarist

“I have known Albert’s music for a few years now. It is his tone and choice of repertoire that sets him apart from the rest of the pack. From beautiful romantic melodies to the more dramatic songs like “Pricilla’s Song”, Albert brings these arrangements with a lot of depth and musicianship. Tommy Emmanuel once said: “The slow songs are the hardest to play”. They are underestimated among many guitarists for sure, but not by my friend Gyorfi. He thoroughly understands them and on the guitar he can truly tell the story that lies within…”

Founder of YourGuitarWorkshop

“Apart from being a fantastic guitarist, Albert is also excellent at mixing and editing – his YouTube videos are proof of all that. He is just generally a cool guy to be around and very humble as well. Having already met him personally, I guarantee it is all true.”

Youtuber / Fingerstyle Guitarist


Baton Rouge Guitars
G7th Capos
LaMancha Guitars

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